Installed by a single company with minimal disruption

Our Plug & Play bathroom is installed by a single contractor, Mid Atlantic Surfaces, compared to multiple contractors required for a traditional bathroom.
Site management is significantly simplified.

Installation does not require any demolition work or stripping of the existing wall coverings.

It guarantees a high quality final product and simplified site management: no noise, no use of sand, water or mortar.

Assembly in
record time

With a 75% reduction in installation time and dry renovations, the «Plug & Play» bathroom provides optimal site conditions – a clean environment and minimal down time for the hotel room.
In most instances, 20 bathrooms can be renovated in just 5 days.

Thanks to the properties of Corian® and the made-to-measure pre-fabrication in the factory, the bathroom offer an impeccable finish, providing a luxurious setting.

«Plug & Play» is therefore a high-quality solution which optimises site management, reduces down-time for hotel rooms and creates very little disruption.